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Kahungunu Water Borne Show
Voyaging canoes from New Zealand and nations across the Pacific travelled back in time revelling to the glitz and glamour of the 1930s in New Zealand’s Art Deco Capital of Napier. Over 40,000 people flocked from all over the world into Napier to enjoy over 120 activities at the Tremains Art Deco Festival 2017. The Kahungunu Water Borne show was held as part of the Herenga Waka Festival and ended New Zealand’s Art Deco weekend in Napier with beautiful cultural performances aboard three double hulled waka. The evening concluded with a floating water lantern ceremony. Families were encouraged to write names of loved ones who have passed on, onto the paper sails that were released into the water while moving music was sung by local artists Black Katz & friends. Approximately 2000 people attended this twilight event.
Sun 19 Feb
7.00pm - 9.00pm
Napier Yacht Club
Pandora Rd, Napier
Event was held on
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